PT-141 Nasal Spray


PT-141 Nasal Spray


When you take PT-141, it will not only make you feel sexually aroused but also feel good and energetic.

Increasing your libido so that you feel the urge and the mood for sexual activities.

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PT-141 Peptide Nasal Spray Serbia

PT-141 Peptide Nasal Spray Serbia is a hormone (melanocortin peptide), developed from Melanotan II, thus it is a derivative of Melanotan II.

It is used to treat sexual dysfunction in both men and women.

Erectile dysfunction also impotence for men and sexual arousal dysfunction for women.

It is Effective?

Unlike other medication in this class, PT-141 has been developed to directly act upon the nervous system, generating sexual desire.

It has a direct effect on the libido, unlike Cials which are not considered as aphrodisiac medication.

This drug is unlike Viagra, Viagra affects the vascular system, the fact that PT-141 affects the hypothalamus directly increasing sexual desire.


PT-141 is available in a 10mg container, this may seem little but it’s not, it is capable of giving about 20 doses.

You can use bacterial static water to reconstitute PT-141 Serbia and it will be still effective and can be stored for quite a while in your fridge.

You can also use sterile water to reconstitute PT-141, however, if you use sterile water instead of bacterial static water, the PT-141 will last for a lesser period of time.

PT-141 can be consumed through two effective ways, by injection or the nasal spray. Nasal and oral administrations have proved very effective.

Storing PT-141

PT-141 containers are freeze-dried thus can remain stable at room temperature and last for one to two months.

If you need to store the drug for a longer period of time, you need to store them in the freezer where they can last up to two years.

If PT-141 is reconstituted, you cannot store it at room temperature. Only in the fridge can it remain stable.

PT-141 is the answer to the huge percentage of men and women suffering from sexual dysfunction, it is effective and safe, don’t fear to use it.

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